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A Web-Based Repository of Surgical Simulator Projects

The idea of using computer-based surgical simulators for training of prospective surgeons has been a topic of research for more than a decade. Several academic projects have been carried out, and a growing number of commercial products are available on the market. Keeping track of all these endeavors – for established groups as well as for newly started projects – can be quite arduous. Gathering information on existing methods, already traveled research paths, and problems encountered is a time consuming task. To alleviate this situation, we established this modifiable online database of existing projects.

The data have been collected as part of our current work in surgical simulation. The Virtual Reality in Medicine Group at the Computer Vision Lab of ETH Zurich has been quite active in the area of surgical simulation, starting the first projects a decade ago. The mantra of high realism has always been central to all developments. Our current focus is on simulation of hysteroscopic interventions; please have a look at our detailed project webpage (http://www.hystsim.ethz.ch). An earlier project focused on gynaecologic laparoscopy (http://www.vision.ee.ethz.ch/projects/Lasso/start.html).

If you have any questions regarding this repository, or would like to send comments, please contact us:

Peter Leskovsky, Matthias Harders
Virtual Reality in Medicine Group
Computer Vision Laboratory
ETH Zurich, Sternwartstrasse 7
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel. ++ 41 1 632 – 3277 / 5279

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